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Living sustainably on earth.

We live in an era in which the global community increasingly recognizes significant environmental imperatives that require action: climate change, potable water, pollution/toxins, resource depletion, and habitat decline. We are also in an era when discussion of these topics is often divisive and polarizing.

Sustainability and energy-related issues play heavily in our economy, our built environment, national security, quality of life and future. Complex and inter- related, these issues require an understanding of systems, science, and global perspective.


  • National public television broadcast program
    A 90-minute program will define sustainability through a series of interwoven short stories of positive change.
  • Extensive website and social marketing program
  • Outreach Initiatives
    Capitalizing on partnerships with existing organizations and the network of local PBS stations, local outreach initiatives will be supported to drive discussion at the community level.
  • Mobile media players
    The project design will intentionally allow the breakdown of media into discreet short-story elements for distribution via mobile players, iPad, cellphone, etc.
  • Higher education learning modules
    The short-story design allows media incorporation into courses on sustainability, energy, policy, etc.
  • K-12 teaching tools
    A library of digital learning objects distributed for secondary education
  • Story catalog
    A library of visual assets and stories broadly available for use by educators and museums


Cynthia Berger

Project Manager

Tom Keiter

Executive Producer

Project Overview

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Bike Commuting Past Green Buildings